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Accelerated Reading


Student driven. Teacher guided

Accelerated Reader puts students in the driver’s seat, allowing them to be in complete control of their reading choices. Personalised goals keep students focused, helping them to grow as readers and develop their reading skills. By monitoring progress, we can provide useful feedback and keep students on track.

There are a huge amount of quizzable titles available – our library alone holds 2,147 AR titles, to which we are constantly adding to with new and edgy titles, and recommendations from the boys of course. This enables students to choose books that are engaging and at the ‘just right’ level.

Regular reading transforms into high quality reading practice, which in turn fuels growth. Reading quizzes monitor comprehension, and vocabulary quizzes extend learning. This, paired with detailed reports, provides insight into student progress.

We celebrate good reading practice with prizes and incentives, which include students ‘starring’ on the 100% board, then Millionaire Reader (gold star lapel badge). When this is achieved, we invite boys to become ‘Honours Reader’ (choosing from a list of teacher recommended titles).

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Millionaire Readers

Come on Alex Vladiuc, Liam Burgess, Oliver Welsh and Joe Penfield - you're nearly there!'