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Dress Code

 Sixth Form Dress Code

Clothes worn to school must be ‘school appropriate’ – decent, professional, clean and modest.

Appropriate school wear:
The general principle for dress in the Sixth Form will be ‘smart/casual’. Hairstyles and other items should reflect this principle.

What not to wear:
There is no requirement for what a student should wear, but guidance (rules) on what you cannot wear. The list is gender neutral, there is no separate list for boys and girls.

The rules:

  • No blue denim
  • No ripped denim
  • No denim jackets
  • No sportswear including hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuits or jogging bottoms
  • No leggings (unless worn under a dress)
  • No hats/headwear (except for religious purposes)
  • No flip flops
  • No shorts
  • No mini skirts
  • No t-shirts, vests or crop tops

    Students will be required to have a ‘business-like’ outfit (such as a suit or tailored dress) for formal school occasions such as prize evening and open evenings.

    Students should be aware that the interpretation of this code is the responsibility of the school. Any decisions made on individual items of wear or aspects of appearance will be binding.