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Values & Ethos


Developing minds, creating futures and striving forward together.


Borden Grammar school provides a supportive and inclusive academic environment. We nurture our students to become courageous, creative and resilient in their response to challenge and to be respectful and kind to others. Our ethos develops a drive for achievement and personal development, allowing our young people to grow; reaching their full potential and so leading the way to a better future.


  1. Ethical Leadership  - a strong belief in justice with the courage to make all decisions in a kind, honest and transparent way

  2. Accountability and service - using evidence to prioritise the long term interests of the school and the community it serves

  3. Kind and caring - Always considering the wellbeing, values and success of students, parents and staff in the school community 

  4. Aspiring and inspiring - Aspiring for the best, inspiring others to get there and being  optimistic about the future

  5. Integrity and resilience - Willing to act independently with integrity and showing resilience in the face of adversity