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  • The sun was shining on Year 10

    Published 26/05/21

    The sun was shining on Year 10 on Monday morning as they took to the Sales Field to join Mrs Mahoney for a walk and talk as part of her 100 mile walking challenge to raise awareness of, and money for the mental health charity Mind.


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  • A message from our Peer Mentors

    Published 21/05/21

    As students ourselves we value and understand mental health and all the problems that arise within schools. Young people face challenges everyday, from exams to friendships to problems at home and as peer mentors we want to make the students' lives at Borden easier and happier. Through individual peer mentor sessions within the school day we aim to tackle any issues the younger students are dealing with. We bring a familiar and happy face to aid the young adults with guidance from experience, information to help from online sources and different ways to take control of their mental health. As year 12s we have many years of experience within the school environment so we can offer unique advice that maybe teachers wouldn't be able to offer. Each peer mentor is solely focused on helping their mentee and creating goals to achieve within the time span of their sessions together. Whatever the students may be dealing with, whether they believe it is a big deal or not, we are determined to help in the best way we possibly can. Within our training we have seen and learnt how to effectively help the young people at Borden and as a group we are happy to help. 

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  • Good to share

    Published 14/05/21

    Brady, one of our newly trained Year 7 Anti-bullying Ambassadors, found this poster and thought it would be good to share.

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  • Termly business meeting!

    Published 13/05/21

    Form and Vice Captains of Year 7 saw their Head of Year for their termly business meeting this morning!

    The boys discussed their experiences in Year 7 so far and how best they can prepare for life in Year 8 

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  • 8SI debate in registration this morning!

    Published 12/05/21

    Lots of discussion took place this morning in 8SI form time when students were asked to debate 'How do you think the toys children play with might affect their future skills and careers?'. 

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  • Some serious concentration in lessons today

    Published 11/05/21

    Nice to see our younger students focused and ready to start the day with some quiet reading for the beginning of the lesson. 

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  • Ambassador Presentation Assembly

    Published 05/05/21

    Well done to our Year 7 Anti-bullying Ambassadors who all presented an excellent presentation to their forms this morning in assembly time. They talked about the training they had received, passed on their excellent knowledge and also showed a short video. Lots of questions were asked by Form members which our Ambassadors were able to answer confidently. 

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  • Bank Holiday Weekend

    Published 30/04/21

    Enjoy the long weekend everybody and remember school will be closed to all students on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May. 

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  • Year 7 Anti-Bullying Ambassador training takes place

    Published 29/04/21

    A number of our Year 7 students begin their Anti-Bullying Ambassador training this week, whilst we are also expecting to train some of our Year 12's shortly to provide some mentoring to our younger students. Well done to all of these students who truly reflect our Borden values, particularly showing kindness, respect, courage and resilience.

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  • Well done Mrs Murphy

    Published 26/04/21

    Well done to our Attendance Officer Mrs Murphy, who on sunny Saturday completed the 5K race for life!

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  • A good way to start the lesson...

    Published 22/04/21

    ...with some silent reading. 


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