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A message from our Peer Mentors

As students ourselves we value and understand mental health and all the problems that arise within schools. Young people face challenges everyday, from exams to friendships to problems at home and as peer mentors we want to make the students' lives at Borden easier and happier. Through individual peer mentor sessions within the school day we aim to tackle any issues the younger students are dealing with. We bring a familiar and happy face to aid the young adults with guidance from experience, information to help from online sources and different ways to take control of their mental health. As year 12s we have many years of experience within the school environment so we can offer unique advice that maybe teachers wouldn't be able to offer. Each peer mentor is solely focused on helping their mentee and creating goals to achieve within the time span of their sessions together. Whatever the students may be dealing with, whether they believe it is a big deal or not, we are determined to help in the best way we possibly can. Within our training we have seen and learnt how to effectively help the young people at Borden and as a group we are happy to help.