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Welcome to Borden Grammar School

As you enter our school you will be forgiven for failing to notice our school motto written on the entrance hall carpet. Whilst dating back to before the second world war it remains as valid as it has ever been. ‘Nitere porro’ means ‘to strive forward’ and is both a description and a goal. We are a small and personal community school committed to supporting and inspiring our young people to achieve their potential in a modern world. This means creating successful young people who understand that their future matters and so always try their best. However, the goal is not just a personal one. We genuinely want all our students to leave us with a fully developed ‘moral compass’ able to navigate the world and driven to make it a better place.

This over-arching goal is underpinned by three core aims,

To Support:
For Borden to be a happy and vibrant community, providing the skills, aptitudes, self-discipline and independence needed for future success.

To Inspire:
For all students to have high aspirations and to become ethical leaders of their future.

To Achieve:
For every student to aim, and achieve, higher.

At Borden you will find that students are honest, friendly and proud to belong to a great school. It is a school where each day students learn as much about themselves as about the constantly changing world in which they live. Alongside this you will discover that the teachers possess the expertise to stretch, support and challenge the brightest students.

I am proud to be the headteacher of such a caring, inspiring and purposeful school which is entirely focused on striving forward together.

Mr Ashley Tomlin, Headteacher