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Debating Club

Debate Schedule

13/01/22 Debates on the argument for and against Grammar Schools, and if they're needed in modern Britain? Union voted in favour 
20/01/22 Should weed be legalised? Union voted in favour
27/01/22 Should the NHS be privatised?  Union voted against
03/02/22 Does a free market require restrictions to be truly free? Union voted in favour
10/03/22 Is controlling inflation more important than controlling unemployment? Union voted in favour 


Should it be your legal right to openly carry a sabre in public? Union voted in favour
03/03/22 Should the UK reintroduce the death penalty?  Union voted against 

Is patriotism a good thing? 

Union voted in favour 

Is state surveillance a threat to personal liberty?

Union voted it is a threat to personal liberty

Should the West intervene in Ukraine