Staff List


Senior Leadership Group 

Mr G Mulligan - Headteacher, History

Mr R Artingstoll - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 3

Mrs S Smith - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 4, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr C Brinn - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 5

Mrs M Brooker - Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of English

Mrs J Argent - Bursar & Estates Manager


Pastoral Team 

Mr R Artingstoll - Head of Key Stage 3, Assistant Headteacher, Film Studies, French 

Mrs S Smith - Head of Key Stage 4, Assistant Headteacher, Geography 

Mr C Brinn - Head of Key Stage 5, Assistant Headteacher, Physical Education, Business

Mrs J Frost - Year 7 Pastoral Learning Manager, Head of Modern Foreign Lanuguages 

Miss A Phillips - Year 7 Assistant Pastoral Learning Manager, Lead teacher for Music  

Mr J Swaffer - Year 8 Pastoral Learning Manager, Mathematics, Business

Mr J Weller - Year 9 Pastoral Learning Manager, Physical Education 

Mr C French - Year 10 Pastoral Learning Manager, Head of Physical Education 

Mrs A Edwards - Year 11 Pastoral Learning Manager, French

Miss P Andrews- Lucas - Year 12 Pastoral Learning Manager, Science

Mr A Whiting - Year 13 Pastoral Learning Manager, Geography, Finance


Art, Photography and Design Technology Department 

Miss N Ormiston - Head of Art and Design Technology

Mrs D Johnson - Lead Teacher for Design Technology, Art

Mrs M Newbury - Design Technology 

Mr H Ryan - Design Technology Technician

Mr R Wyllie - Art, Photography, Design Technology  


Business and Finance Department

Mr C Lindo - Head of Business and Finance 

Mr C Brinn - Business, Assistant Headteacher

Miss A Burgess - Finance

Mrs A Edwards - Business 

Mr J Swaffer - Business

Mr A Whiting - Finance


English, Drama and Film Studies Department 

Mrs M Brooker - Head of English, Assosciate Assistant Headteacher 

Mr P Reynolds - Second in English

Mr R Artingstoll - Film Studies 

Mrs A Banyard - English, ITT Co-cordinator

Mrs F Birkin - English

Mr C Holley - English, Drama 

Mrs R Stanley - English

Mr L Wain - English, Film Studies  


Geography Department 

Mr S Williams - Head of Geography 

Mrs K Collinson - Geography

Mrs S Smith - Geography, Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Whiting - Geography, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Finance


History and Politics Department 

Mr A White - Head of History and Poitics

 Mr B Finch - History and Politics

Mr G Mulligan - History, Headteacher

Mr N Sumner - History 


ICT Department 

Mrs A Bryant - Head of ICT

Miss A Burgess - ICT & Computing

Mr C Lindo - ICT

Mr J Pilford-Bagwell - Network Manager

Mr S Dale - ICT Technician 


Mathematics Department

Mrs E Carter - Head of Mathematics 

Mr M Chittenden - Second in Mathematics

Mr B Masindo - Mathematics

Mr J Okwok - Mathematics

Mr J Swaffer - Mathematics, Pastoral Learning Manager KS3 (Year 8)  

Mr N Williams - Mathematics 


Modern Foreign Language Department 

Mrs J Frost - Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Pastoral Learning Manager KS3 (Year 7) 

Mrs K Bailliez - Head of French 

Mr R Artingstoll - French, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A Edwards - French, Pastoral Learning Manager KS4 (Year 11) 

Mrs M Escribano Restoy - Spanish Language Assistant 

Miss L Lopez-Bonilla - Spanish 

Mrs H Westby - Modern Foreign Languages 


Music Department 

Miss A Phillips - Lead Teacher for Music, Assistant Pastoral Learning Manager (Year 7) 


Visiting Music Teachers

Mr J Bessell - Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe

Mrs H Bridger-Smart - Piano

Mr M Burleigh - Piano/Keyboard, recorder

Miss K Coles - Violin, Viola

Mrs C Orton - Singing 

Mr M Jenkins - Drums 

Mr J Reeves - Guitar

Mr G Mason - Trumpet, Trombone, other Brass 


Physical Education Department 

Mr C French - Head of Physical Education, Pastoral Learning Manager KS4 (Year 10) 

Mr C Brinn - Physical Education, Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Beeson - Physical Education 

Mr M Feeney - Physical Education  

Mr B Landau - Physical Education Support Worker  

Mr J Weller - Physical Education, Pastoral Learning Manager KS3 (Year 9)


Psychology Department 

Miss L Voutsinou - Psychology 


Religious Studies Department 

Mrs R Sherwood-Farnfield - Lead teacher for Religious Studies and Year 7 ILP

Mrs K Mahoney - Religious Studies 


Science Department 

Dr P Stone - Head of Science

Dr J Scattergood - Head of Biology 

Dr K Sutton - Head of Chemistry 

Miss C Aldam - Science

Miss P Andrews-Lucas - Science , Pastoral Learning Manager KS5 

Mr A Darby-Clake - Physics 

Mr R Phillips - Physics 

Mrs J Williamson - Science

Mrs K Broad - Physics Technician, Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs K Lightburn - Chemistry Technician 

Mrs H Reid - Biology Technician 


AEN Department 

Mrs N Zarzycki - AEN C-ordinator, Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Ayling - VI Curriculum Modifications Assistant 

Mrs K Broad - Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs K Collins - Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs J Gillman - Learning Support Assistant 



Mr T Hewett - Senior Caretaker

Mr A Hewett - Caretaker

Mr C Ayling - Part-time Caretaker 


Catering Staff

Ms E Heywood - Catering Manager 

Mrs M Blackwell - Catering Assistant 

Mrs J Wilkinson - Catering Assistant 


Cleaning Staff

Miss S Butler

Miss A Katona

Miss S O'Donnell

Ms A Pitts

Mrs G Rai

Mrs J Shrubsall

Mrs S Standage 

Mrs A Stephenson

Mrs J Stephenson 

Mrs J Wilkinson

Miss C Wilson


Cover Supervisors

Mr P Cornford - Cover Supervisor

Mrs E Osborne - Cover Supervisor 


Exams Officer 

Miss P Francis - Examinations Officer

Mrs C Roper - Examinations Assistant 


Finance Department 


Mrs J Argent - Bursar & Estates Manager


Mrs T Drury - Finance Manager



Library Resource Centre

Mrs L Brown - Library Resources Manager

Mrs J Hall - Library Assistant & Part-time receptionist

Mrs M Lowe - Library Assistant 


Midday Supervisors 

Mrs S Chapman

Mrs D Dowling

Mrs J Pearce

Mrs A Stephenson

Miss B Stephenson

Mrs J Woodcock

Miss K Woodfine 


Office Support Staff

Mrs C Ayling - Website, Reprographics, VI Curriculum Modifications & Administration Officer

Miss L Bateman - PA to Headteacher

Mrs J Cole - Admissions and Administration Officer 

Mrs J Hall - Part-time receptionist 

Mrs S Murphy - Attendance Officer

Mrs C Roper - Assessment Data Assistant, Examinations Assistant & Part-time receptionist 

Mrs C Straine-Francis - Sixth Form Attendance Officer