Chair: Vicki Meacham

Secretary: Kuda Osoba

Treasurer: Sarah Lawson

Lucky numbers co-ordinator: Treena Field




PFA Contributions ...Thank you!


The PFA raises funds to fulfil items on the school’s wish list. This means all profits made by all PFA events are invested back in to school. They buy extra equipment and teaching aids over and above that provided by the school funds.

Their main fundraising events include an annual silent auction, an active part in the Christmas Fair, organised walks in the Spring, Summer and Autumn and providing refreshments at Year 7 and 8 Parent’s evening and school performances.

They also organise a Lucky Numbers Club, which is a private lottery offering the chance of winning a cash prize every month.

Over the years, the PFA have made it possible for the school to operate a second minibus. They have also provided £7,000 for the refurbishment of the school gym, which was repainted in Borden colours, and they have provided funds for 125 padded chairs to be used in the school library and hall. They also have contributed £2,000 towards the stage curtains and paid for the decorating of the Bridge Room and a mobile spinner for the library. More recently they have purchased new football goals and new study desks for the 6th Form Work Room. 

For all these contributions, we are grateful.

Mr R Artingstoll

Assistant Headteacher

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During the Summer holidays quotes were hand painted on to the school library walls which look stunning. The PFA funded and agreed to pay for this to happen. The PFA has also funded 1/3rd of the cost of the new GCSE e-learning app to help support our students in school. The PFA are a very active group who raise lots of money, and all monies raised do indeed get fed back in to the school in a variety of ways. 

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