Chess Club Online

Borden Grammar School has had a successful Chess Club since 2005 with lunchtime sessions in S12 run by Mr Chittenden. As social distancing continues, it seems sensible to run the club via an online platform. Mr Chittenden has set up a school club through the website which is a global chess network and recommended by the Delancy UK Schools Tournament which Borden has entered for many years. If you wish to join the school Chess Club then follow these simple steps.

  1. Email Mr Chittenden ( to register your interest with your full name and form. Please do this through your school email and not a private email.
  1. Mr Chittenden will send you an invitation link to the site.
  1. Follow the link where you will be asked to setup a free account with You do not need any payment options.
  1. You will then have access to the school's club homepage where you can play games against other club members.

Mr Chittenden will see how many pupils join before setting up tournaments. You can play individual games and use the online chat as well as the learning tools. If pupils play via phone or tablet they will need to download the free app.

It is important that parents/guardians understand that only the school club pages are monitored by school staff. Therefore, Parents, Guardians and Pupils alike should read the following guidance to keep everyone safe online.

Keep Personal Information Limited

Don't divulge any personal information such as your full name and your home address. You wouldn't hand purely personal information out to strangers individually—don't hand it out to millions of people online.

Keep Your Privacy Settings On

Marketers love to know all about you, and so do hackers. Both can learn a lot from your browsing and social media usage. Make sure you have enabled privacy safeguards, and keep them enabled.

Be Careful Who You Meet Online

People you meet online are not always who they claim to be. Be as cautious and sensible in your online social life as you are in your in-person social life.

Be Careful What You Download

A top goal of cyber criminals is to trick you into downloading malware—programs or apps that carry malware or try to steal information. This malware can be disguised as an app: anything from a popular game to something that checks traffic or the weather. Don't download apps that look suspicious or come from a site you don't trust.

Finally, if you forget the rules of chess, don't worry... you're allowed to check!


Safeguarding and Other Urgent Concerns

Safeguarding and Other Urgent Concerns:

There may be a need for parents/carers, pupils or staff members to urgently contact senior staff about safeguarding issues or other pressing matters during the period of closure. If this does occur, you should contact:  or any of these numbers during school hours

  • 07773 597278
  • 07976 539109
  • 07773 594055.

Out of hours either call the Police or the Education Safeguarding Service emergency number: 03000 419 191.

Swale Foodbank Information



A message from Swale Foodbank...

Hi All,

Please note with immediate effect, we have changed the way our foodbanks operate and will do so going forward until the current Coronavirus outbreak is over.

Please help us by passing this important information on to any clients who normally use the foodbank.

At each of our centres, volunteers have been instructed not to let anyone in without a voucher or a voucher code. We are encouraging clients to use our phone number to either call us 07486 370709, contact us on our Facebook page Swale Foodbank or email us on if they are having trouble getting a voucher or are self-isolating due to Coronavirus. We will no longer be serving any refreshments at our foodbank centres and there will no longer be any bread, pastries, fresh fruit or vegetables for clients to take until
further notice.

Tuesdays at Net Church in East Street 11am-2pm - foodbank still running but on a collection only basis. We are no longer cooking the free meal we normally have at our Net Church branch until further notice.

Thursdays at Holy Trinity Parish Hall 12pm-2pm - collection of food parcels only.

Fridays at Baptist Church in the High Street 10am-12pm - collection of food parcels only

Saturdays at Methodist Church in the High Street 10am-12pm - collection of food parcels only

Please be assured, each of these measures have been taken to minimise the risk to our clients and to our volunteers.

We intend to do our best to keep these times the same over the next weeks and possibly months, but it is very much dependent on our volunteers remaining healthy enough to continue. We will inform you if these times or days have to change.

We very much look forward to things returning to normal ASAP.

Thanks so much for your assistance with getting this information to our clients.

Kind regards,

Project Manager
Swale Foodbank

Year 10 Parents' Evening postponed

The Year 10 Parents' Evening, planned for Thursday 19 March, is postponed until later in the Summer Term - please see Parentmail for more details.