Friday's fun run

Just heading over to the Finance office to see how the sponsorship for Friday's fun run is going. Have you donated your £3 yet??


Hanging elf

Guess I'll stick around here...

...for the weekend. Don't forget 50p for a quiz entry on Monday and to sponsor Year 7's advent fun run on Scopay! See you next week!


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Time to chill in the pool...

Time to chill in the pool after a busy morning with Year 8. Their support was amazing! Let's hope Year 9 remember their cash tomorrow!



I must get... the Year 8 form rooms to remind them about tomorrow! If you see any - tell them not to forget their money so they can play our Christmas games!


Climbing Elf

Will you be supporting Year 7?

Will you be supporting Year 7 with their Christmas fundraising activities? Look out for an email going home today with full details! Love from Borden's naughty elf. x


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