'Right Here, Write Now' Writing Competition Winners

'Right Here, Write Now' Writing Competition
The English department invited the whole school to write creatively on any aspect of lockdown as a positive way of responding to such a difficult subject.  It gave writers an opportunity to show off their creative talents as well as, perhaps, voice their concerns, vent their spleens, tackle their grief and grievances, and share their hopes.  This optional competition attracted well over 100 entries from all parts of the school, including some sharp and quirky staff entries.  There will be a display made of many of the entries including the lower school winners, runners-up and highly commended along the English corridor.  I attach the winning entries from Years 7, 8 & 9. Winners will receive a book token and the runners-up a bar of chocolate.  Well done to everyone who entered.  Mr Reynolds
Year 7 
Winner: Oliver P   7MC
Runner-up: Nathan S   7RMP
Year 8
Winner: Alex G  8FB
Runner-up: Ollie W  8SI
Year 9
Winner: Jack R  9AMW
Runner-up: Harvey C   9AMW
Winning entries below:
Oliver P 7MC
Alex G 8FB
Jack R 9AMW

PFA AGM Zoom meeting 10 Nov

Due to the current climate, we are holding a PFA AGM zoom meeting on Tuesday 10th November 7pm. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the school, either by phone or email, and your details will be passed on to us, such that you will receive an invite ahead of the meeting. 
With the main purpose of supporting the school by fundraising temporarily on hold due to Covid, the PFA are looking to bring together a new team, ready for action, trustfully to start work again very soon! 
During our meeting we will look to fill the following PFA member positions:
Chair Person
Lucky Numbers Co-ordinator 
School liaison and communications
All of these positions are currently held, with the exception of the last, which is a new post. Please do not be discouraged to join our meeting, if you feel that you might be obliged to take a post. There are plenty of opportunities to help with our PFA quiz and silent auction, Christmas fundraising, parent evening refreshments and tuck shops and also all new fundraising ideas are very welcome.  

Half Term Meal Vouchers for Families Whose Children Receive Free School Meals

Kent County Council has announced that food vouchers are available during half-term to families whose children are eligible for free school meals.
Qualifying families will receive one £15 supermarket voucher per eligible child.
Applications may be made at the KCC website, https://www.kent.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals , or by calling the dedicated helpline on 03000 412424.  Applications must be made by Monday 2nd November 5pm. 
The KentTogether helpline remains open for any other Kent resident who needs support with food, collection of medication and prescriptions and other urgent needs during the pandemic, 24 hours a day. This service can be accessed by visiting https://www.kent.gov.uk/kenttogether or calling 03000 419292.