The speaker with the orange tie

Year 11 were given preparation for their GCSE Examinations yesterday thanks to motivational speaker Steve Beckles – Ebusua. Known as the ‘speaker with the orange tie’ – Steve has spent over twenty years studying, speaking and writing about being motivated and how to stay motivated. All of Year 11 had an intensive but rewarding afternoon thinking about their attitudes towards learning.

During a phenomenal session, Steve gave an insight into how the memory works, gave students an opportunity to reflect on mindset growth and also revision techniques.

He concluded the session with challenging the students with a question to ask themselves “when was the last time I did something for the first time?”


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We are extremely proud!

We are extremely proud of our Sixth form students Harvey Polhill and Joe Vandepeer for the kind and mature way they behaved yesterday!



Well done to Year 11 student

Well done to Year 11 student Jake Lloyd who has qualified to play for England in the sport of pool, a great achievement for him! 



Reminder about Uniform and Earphones

30 January 2020

Uniform and Earphones:

This is a reminder that hoodies or sweaters are not part of school uniform and should not be worn in school. Students should also not be using earphones, headphones or airpods in lessons or in corridors, unless teachers agree they can be used as part of the class activity which is usually in MFL, Music and IT lessons. Warnings will be issued to students next week and, if this continues, items will be confiscated. We would be grateful if you could remind your son of these rules and thank you for your support.

Coronavirus Information

Please help to support a UK wide campaign that has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus, which promotes basic hygiene practices –  see the poster below for further advice, or for more advice visit the following link: 


HM Government Coronavirus Public Information poster