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 Don't forget tomorrow (20 March) is a Staff Development Day so the school will not be open

 to pupils.

 Back in on Friday which is a Non-Uniform Day in aid of sport relief!

World Book Day

In celebration of World Book Day we held a Book Fair at which boys were able to use their World Book Day tokens.

English teacher Mrs Kate Cable put together a WBD quiz which was advertised around school, and which led to

teachers getting their classes doing research in the Library. There were also other competitions run by the

Scholastic Book Fair. If anyone thinks boys don't like reading, our pictures prove otherwise!


DSC02366   DSC02927

Intermediate Team Challenge Regional Final

On March 11 a team of students from Year 10 took part in the Intermediate Team Challenge regional final, held at 

Simon Langton School for Girls in Canterbury. Fourteen teams took part in the competition which comprised of four

different rounds including one which required the competitors to have an understanding and be able to work with

numbers in base 6. This is a topic which is beyond the content of GCSE Mathematics (which they will not take for

another year!) All had a thoroughly enjoyable time. With a score of over 70, the Borden team came a commendable 5th.


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Y10 Team Mathematical Challenge

UK Maths Team Challenge: Regional Final March 2014


Four students wrestled with maths problems for a whole day when they took part in the regional final of the UK Maths Team

challenge held at Hartsdown Technology College in Margate on Monday 3 March. The competition pitted teams of students

against each other in four challenging rounds: a group round, a crossnumber, a shuttle round and the relay.


Our team which comprised of two students from Year 10 and two from Year 9, had a very enjoyable and hard working day,

and Head of Maths, Mrs Carter, was delighted with their efforts. "They acquitted themselves very well," she said, "and I was

very proud of them."


Against a strong field of competitiors, the Borden team, finished fourth, losing out to Simon Langton Boys and Girls Grammar

schools and Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School. The photos show the team members hard at work, but clearly having

a great day.