ADMISSIONS - Students must have studied GCSE French and preferably achieved grade 6 or better.

COURSE - The course is designed to help students develop the grammatical knowledge and linguistic skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) practised at GCSE level further, but places greater emphasis on authentic resources and situations. By the end of the course, students will find that they are able to express themselves more fluently and more spontaneously, not only in speech but also in writing.

In Year 12, students will focus essentially on the cultural and technological change in French-speaking countries through the study of a film and a range of topics such music and new technologies.

In Year 13, students will learn more about social and political aspects of the French-speaking world. They will also have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of their choice.

A Level French is a two-year linear course. All examinations will take place at the end of Year 13.

Paper 1 – Listening, reading and translation exercises (40%)
Paper 2 – Writing – One question on the film studied and one question on the text studied (30%)
Paper 3 – Speaking – Discussion of a topic studied and the individual research project (30%)
Students opting for French in the Sixth Form will have the opportunity to go to Paris and/or the South of France as part of their studies to help them develop their linguistic skills and understanding of French culture and society.
Being able to communicate successfully in a foreign language and to understand other cultures can open up many career avenues in fields as diverse as marketing and PR, finance and banking, media, engineering, diplomacy, security, teaching and, of course, translating and interpreting.
It is highly regarded by top universities and employers and, in an increasingly global economy, give jobseekers a competitive edge.
The British Chambers of Commerce believes that the knowledge of foreign languages is a critical skill for the UK economy.