All pupils will study a common course in Year 10 following on from the Biology, Chemistry & Physics modules taught in Year 9. The topics students will cover across all 3 years are listed below.

Results from Year 9 and 10 exams will lead to students being promoted to do the triple/separate science pathway or remain on the Combined Science course for a double award (1SC0).

All pathways are 100% linear and exam based. All students will sit 2 exams in each discipline. For Triple these are 1hr 45 mins and for Combined they are 1hr 10 mins.
Biology (1BI0/1H and 1BI0/2H)
  • Overarching concepts in biology
  • Cells and control
  • Genetics
  • Natural selection and genetic modification
  • Health, disease and the development of medicines
  • Plant structures and their functions
  • Animal coordination, control and homeostasis
  • Exchange and transport in animals
  • Ecosystems and material cycles
Chemistry (1CH0/1H and 1CH0/2H)
  • Formulae, equations and hazards
  • Overarching concepts in chemistry: atomic structure, the periodic table, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, types of substance, calculations involving masses
  • States of matter
  • Methods of separating and purifying substances
  • Acids
  • Obtaining and using metals
  • Electrolytic processes
  • Reversible reactions and equilibria
  • Transition metals, alloys and corrosion
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Dynamic equilibria and calculations involving volumes of gases
  • Chemical cells and fuel cells
  • Groups 1, 7 and 0
  • Rates of reaction
  • Fuels
  • Heat energy changes in chemical reactions
  • Earth and atmospheric science
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Polymers
  • Alcohols and carboxylic acids
  • Bulk and surface properties of matter including nanoparticles
Physics (1PH0/1H and 1PH0/2H)
  • Overarching concepts of physics: motion, forces and conservation of energy
  • Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Radioactivity
  • Astronomy
  • Energy - Forces doing work
  • Forces and their effects
  • Static electricity
  • Magnetism and the motor effect
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Particle model – 2
  • Forces and matter