Design Technology

Design Technology
COURSE - This is a course that combines both theoretical and practical aspects of Design Technology. The majority of the theory, 50% of the final grade, will be delivered through a practical application; however, at times there will be dedicated theory lessons in order to fully understand the subject content. The remaining 50% of the final grade is awarded from a coursework project, where it is essential that students use the iterative design process and document thoroughly the development of their work. An ability to work independently is vital.
The course makes full use of the school CNC routers, laser cutters and 3D printers for both modelling and making of products. Designing takes place through drawing, modelling and CAD programmes such as 2D Design and SpaceClaim. This course is taken in two periods per week throughout Year 10 and Year 11 and is the ideal foundation for A Level Product Design.
ADMISSIONS - Students must have a verbal recommendation from their KS3 art teacher before they opt for GCSE Design and Technology and preferably be a level 6A or above
SYLLABUS - AQA Design and Technology 8552


  • Use the iterative design process of exploring, creating and evaluating
  • Produce a design brief and specification.
  • Use a range of materials, techniques and processes to realise designs.
  • Produce a clear and detailed portfolio of work
  • Analyse how products are developed, designed and manufactured.
  • Understand the environmental impact on designing and manufacturing products.
2 hour written exam – 100 marks, 50% of the final GCSE grade where 15% of the marks are Maths questions in a Design Technology context as well as a mixture of multiple choice, short answer questions and extended response questions
Non exam assessment NEA (coursework) – 100 marks, 50% of the final GCSE grade, this consists of a design and make task. The NEA will take 30-35 hours approx. The task is chosen from a range of challenges that are released annually by AQA on 1st June in the year prior to the submission of the NEA
ASSESSMENT - Written paper: Externally assessed by AQA.
Non exam assessment (NEA): Work is internally assessed by teachers and moderated by AQA.