Curriculum Information

Borden Grammar School provides a curriculum that equips all its students for the challenges of the 21s century. A balanced range of subjects ensures that students acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to aim high when they leave school.

All are encouraged to develop their academic, creative and sporting talents to the full. We provide support during Key Stage 3 to help students choose the subjects they will take at GCSE. At Key Stage 4 we provide further guidance to help them make decisions about the training and education they want to undertake after they have completed their GCSEs. Most students stay at Borden for the Sixth Form, where they have access to an impressive range of courses and also have the chance to play a full part in school life, developing their confidence and leadership skills through working with younger students and helping to organise activities.

Access to computers, a modern Library and Resources Centre and good facilities in lessons ensure that students have every opportunity to thrive in their studies. Careful tracking of their progress, with regular termly feedback, enables students and their parents to understand how they are doing and what they need to do to improve still further. A full report once a year provides more detailed information and parents’ evenings provide a chance for students, parents and teachers to discuss progress together.